The Romberg's Connection 2009 Survey Results

Lifestyle Changes

Page 109. VII. Miscellaneous Questions cont.: Lifestyle Changes
1. What if any life style changes have been helpful:
Do not over do things - get more rest. PRS symptoms seem to be exacerbated by being run down/tired.
Exercising and eating healthy foods
Good rest and diet-try to keep stress low. Quit smoking!
Resting when I need to and not just plowing through the fatigue unless I have to. Taking a multi-vitamin everyday. Eating healthy foods.
Good diet, less stress
Cutting out sugar and hydrogenated corn syrup has reduced the discoloration.
Always helpful to reduce inflammation through foods and herbs, with cases of autoimmune situations.
Stay healthy and having a good attitude helps. If I'm not active for a while I feel pain sometimes.
Regular aerobic exercise
A better diet has helped overall.
For me it was more of being able to cover up my left side with make up and how to do my hair a certain way to cover up my forehead and not cause a lot of attention towards it.
I use to go to the gym regularly but found that I lost fat on my face more quickly on the affected side than the normal side. When I stopped, the fat on my normal side returned but not on the Rombergs affected side.
Yoga, healthy nutrition (no preservatives, no processed, no hormones, organic foods). Exercise and different aproaches to relieve anxiety and stress.
Leading healthy lifestyle as in more exercise, relaxation and less stress - I have found that when I can do this, I do not have any symptoms such as face tingling, body jumps but when I get stressed they come back again.

I find that I grind my teeth at night and end up with a lot of pain the next morning in teeth and other areas of my face. But doing a relaxation session with progressive muscle relaxation prior to going to bed solves this problem and the effect is instant.

All things that keep negative stress away from me, means good partnership, good friends and family, good working conditions, being content with my life and so on. Healthy life-conditions (no smoking, no drugs, healthy food, etc.)
Cut out all high-fructose corn syrup and cutting down on processed sugar has reduced and faded the dark discoloration on his face.
Decrease stress
Eat healthy
Exercise regularly
Do not eat sugar.
Watching what she eats for migraines.
Number responding = 21 / percent responding = 15% of total respondents (143).

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