The Romberg's Connection 2009 Survey Results

Other Affected Family Members: Neurological Symptoms

Page 103. VI. Any Other Affected Family Members cont.: Comments for neurological symptoms
1. Please enter any comments for other family members with neurological symptoms:
Brother has special needs. He is a slow learner with poor short term memory.
Mom - very rare eye disease where pupil does not dilate correctly - only affects right eye (left eye "normal").
My baby sister has grand mal seizures.
My son has Tourette Syndrome. He's 11 years old and was diagnosed at age 7.
My son has Jacksonian Epilepsy and migraines.
Grandma - stroke
Mother - thyroid problems
Dad had Parkinson's disease.
I have a sister with MS (Multiple Sclerosis).
"electric shocks"
Biological half brother with Autism and 2nd cousin with severe epilepsy (2 brain surgeries).
Aunt has MS (Multiple Sclerosis).
Father had motor neurone disease
Grandmother had a brain tumor
cousin (Joy) grandson has autism
cousin (Jenny) son had Tourette Syndrome
cousin (Corrie) has Graves' disease
Dad has brain tumour and cluster headaches (but these are unrelated to each other). Uncle had surgery for some type of face pain.
Depression, Bi-Polar
My father has an unusual atrophy of his eye muscles that control coordination of vision and eyelids. He sees double and does not have the muscle strength to keep eyelids open (they are essentially sewn open).
My mother has shingles on her face. I don't know if this qualifies as neurological, but I know some of her nerve treatments have required a neurologist.
Father epileptic
Sister has Sjogren's Syndrome
Number responding = 17 / percent responding = 12% of total respondents (143).

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