The Romberg's Connection 2009 Survey Results

Dental Work

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1. Comments for Dental work:
Silver fillings when a teenager.
At 16, my son had his upper right molar removed. During the operation the dentist broke his tool and the tooth was catapulted into the upper jaw. A piece of bone from the jaw of approximately 2 inches in diameter, was cut from the jaw, in order to remove the tooth. The healing process was very long and there have been sinus problems ever since. Somehow I think that this operation was the trigger of the PRS, especially as the eye began to recede about 3 month later, resulting in an enophthalmus and atrophy of the eye and right side of the face.
From looking at photos of my teen years, it looks as though I had some atrophy on the left side of my face. However, after I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was approximately 24 was when I first noticed that something was wrong with my face/cheek.
Braces for 2 years and dark spot and jaw problem start to show. Maybe he have it before but we never see that on him.
Dentist used me as a personal lab rat. They didn't know what would work and what wouldn't. I have been through a medical malpractice suit due to a dentist not acknowledging that I have PRS.
Had a difficult wisdom tooth extraction.
I think I was 8 when I had a molar that had to be taken out. I was afraid of the dentist and did not complain for a long time. Besides that, I do not experience a lot of pain when it is about my teeth, so I could hold on quite a long time.
He had teeth pulled before onset.
In 2005/2006, I had extensive dental work done---upper bridge, lower bridge, partial plate. I did have 2 lower teeth extracted, but I think those extractions were in early December 2006 and I noticed the atrophy of my right cheek in early 2007.
amalgam dental filling
Poor baby teeth, many extractions - particularly a large molar on what became my affected side.
Braces for 18 months - 2000- 2001
Braces as a child. Also broken front tooth as a result of falling over and losing half of it as a child.
Was missing 1 wisdom tooth! Not sure if on the PRS side or not. Gums have definitely receeded, mostly on PRS side.
Teeth are a mess. Found permanent teeth laying in gums, pieces of bone fragments laying in gums, no permanent teeth left side, teeth very tiny, teeth always feels loose, never eats on left side, needs braces, teeth are all shifting to right side. Gums are eating away, overbite.
Braces at 12 yrs, for 1 year.
The only thing I can say is I have had a wisdom tooth pulled before my diagnosis and other routine dental procedures.
She had a crown put on at age 4. That very day her lip drooped.
Number responding = 19 / percent responding = 13% of total respondents (143).

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