The Romberg's Connection 2009 Survey Results

Teeth Affected

Page 53. III. Associated Symptoms (page 4 of 4) cont.: Teeth affected
1. Please select how the Teeth are affected:
Affected Responses
% of Number responding
Delayed eruption17
Loss of21
No permanent teeth8
Receding gums23
Resorbed roots14
Root decay16
Other (Specify) 11
Number responding = 66 / percent responding = 46% of total respondents (143).
Note: This was a multiple choice question.
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Page 53. III. Associated Symptoms (page 4 of 4) cont.: Teeth affected
2. Comments for Teeth affected:
I have only 7 teeth on the bottom gums of my mouth several at the top and some have shifted.
They are sensitive, sometimes I have pains but there is nothing wrong no cavities or damages and sometimes I feel like they are moving and they'll fall.
single front tooth
I have lost 2 upper teeth on my left side.
On the affected side 3 teeth did not develop properly.
Missing wisdom teeth on that side.
I lost several teeth on the affected side and will also need a bone graft due to continuing bone loss.
Braces corrected bite nicely--- Romberg's folks aren't the only ones with braces-- just remember that.
The majority of my teeth have problems with the root area and bone loss.
Have lost most of the top left side teeth.
ongoing problems now
We are not sure if it from her disease, but her teeth are a year behind in growth and she has a 100% overbite the dentist said.
Having full mouth xrays taken at end of month. Seems cannot find some of her adult teeth. Follow up with dentist.
One tooth was effected due to PR. Teeth on left side are smaller than teeth on right side.
Missing one lower adult tooth that never developed on the Romberg's side.
Palate and tongue on left side are smaller.
Probably has nothing to do with Rombergs. My brother who is not affected has the same.
They have been more misaligned over the years.... I keep looking in the mirror to keep track of them... luckily, not the front ones, just the ones on the left/affected side...
open bite on affected side
bone loss and root decay, no top teeth
Braces when she was first diagnosed and then again in teenage years. Some teeth removed because of overbite.
Her teeth are awful, very tiny.
Number responding = 22 / percent responding = 15% of total respondents (143).

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