The Romberg's Connection 2009 Survey Results

Sensitivity to Temperatures

Page 50. III. Associated Symptoms (page 4 of 4) cont.: Sensitivity to temperatures
1. Please describe Sensitivity to extreme temperatures:
Describe sensitivity Responses
% of Number responding
Hands sensitive to cold26
Hands sensitive to heat4
Feet sensitive to cold22
Feet sensitive to heat4
Other (Specify) 9
Number responding = 34 / percent responding = 24% of total respondents (143).
Note: This was a multiple choice question.
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Page 50. III. Associated Symptoms (page 4 of 4) cont.: Sensitivity to temperatures
2. Comments for Sensitivity to temperatures:
Left upper lip numb during cold temp or easily sunburns.
Under extreme stress my blood vessels in my hands and feet will throb and shrink up. My skin will get tight and bluish or purplish pink in color.
When it's cold my hands and legs are numb and the skin is at first yellow and after that, like I have bruises and at heat especiallly in the sun, the skin burns very fast and I lose after that skin for 3 - 5 times depends on the gravity .... it's with small balloons of water under the skin 2 - 5mm.
I have Raynaud's Syndrome.
Seems like I don't tolerate either extreme as well as others do.
My face hurts when it is cold.
Feet sensitivity may be related to having tendon surgery, not to PRS.
Face is sensitive to cold.
When my PRS is active I have sensitivity to the cold. Normally I don't have a problem as I am naturally very insulated! I really notice it when swimming etc., everyone else says the water is fine but it is freezing to me and I just can't stay in.
Cannot tolerate either extreme cold or extreme heat.
Again, most likely due to Arnold Chiari. My hands seem slow to respond to hot temperatures, eg. taking food out of the microwave, I won't be able to tell if it's hot or just warm, I'll have to use the back of my hand.
I thought I was just cold blooded?? Also, Lupus people have Raynaud's Syndrome... not sure if that is the cause or not, or if they are related...
Cold sensitive due to the titanium plates.
I believe the sensitivity is only in the affected areas, that does not include hands or feet.
Not sure, face gets red from heat or cold.
I hate the cold!!!!!
I have Raynaud's which started at six or seven.
Number responding = 17 / percent responding = 12% of total respondents (143).

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