The Romberg's Connection 2009 Survey Results

Nose Affected

Page 44. III. Associated Symptoms (page 3 of 4) cont.: Nose affected
1. Please select how the Nose is affected:
Location Responses
% of Number responding
Deviated septum13
Loss of tissue31
Pulled to one side31
Sinus cavity is thinning17
Other (Specify) 5
Number responding = 55 / percent responding = 38% of total respondents (143).
Note: This was a multiple choice question.
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Page 44. III. Associated Symptoms (page 3 of 4) cont.: Nose affected
2. Comments for Nose affected:
"Sinus cavity is thinning" is just a guess because of the pain in that area of the cheek only on the affected side—this has not been confirmed by a doctor.
Right side of nostril, thinner.
Cysts in sinus cavity.
The nose is thinner on affected side.
I had sinus surgery on the affected side, it has helped me breathe better but nothing cosmetic.
It gets cold on the tip. Plastic surgery, where a piece of my cheek was put on the tip to make it look more normal was a waste of time really cause it sunk in and after 15 years looking back it probably was better as it was, than it is now.
Just the very top of her nose between her eyes is slightly affected.
Has been experiencing nose bleeds and dry nose. Following up with ENT.
Visual line (coloration of skin change), looks like one side of nose is shrinking.
Loss of tissue on right side. The end hasn't been affected so the mid section which has lost the most tissues isn't as noticable.
Nose slightly fatter on one side.
No internal examination to date.
It feels like my sinus cavity is thinning, however, I have not been diagnosed with this.
Doesn't feel as if I can breath properly when I lay on affected side to sleep - have to breath through mouth. Can breath easily through nose when laying on good side.
She has lot of problems with right side of nose, inside and outside.
Number responding = 15 / percent responding = 10% of total respondents (143).

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