The Romberg's Connection 2009 Survey Results

How the Chin is Affected

Page 23. III. Associated Symptoms (page 1 of 4) cont.: Chin affected
1. Please select how the chin is affected:
Affected Responses
% of Number responding
En coup de sabre
Thin skin35
Tissue loss58
Other (Specify) 10
Number responding = 74 / percent responding = 52% of total respondents (143).
Note: This was a multiple choice question.
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Page 23. III. Associated Symptoms (page 1 of 4) cont.: Chin affected
2. Comments for Chin affected:
One side seems to be smaller than the other.
Constant dull ache and extremely painful when banged.
I had a brown discoloration and it would turn blue in color when I was cold or exposed to water. I had a line or indention on left side of chin with tissue loss.
One part of my chin is bluish in color and it can look like it is a bruise. There is no fatty tissue on one part of it.
It was the second part affected and it has spread under it and goes on the neck. When the skin was hard, I had pains. When I tried to leave the hand on my back or simply just moving and problem swallowing food.
The plastic surgeon who diagnosed said it went through my chin, but I don't notice this. If that's true, it was very mild progression into the chin.
We originally thought my son "just had thin skin" on the right side of his chin. But as I mentioned before, it was as he approached puberty that the loss seemed to progress more rapidly and become more noticeable.
Chin is off center due to short mandible.
I have the en coup de sabre on my forehead.
I also get less "hormonal" pimples on the left side (PRS) of my chin (I get quite a lot on the right side).
I have had 3 fat injection treatments, but it seems that the chin is the hardest to correct. It does not seem to retain the fat very well, unlike a fleshier area like the cheek.
My skin on my chin has a slight indentation, but it's not hard. It started out as a small brown line and evolved into a depression that looks a bit pock-marky.
Chin cleft is severly off center.
The tissue around the chin had also atrophied.
Bone in the chin on one side was affected, gave me a slight indention.
Entire half of chin affected.
I had facial reconstruction when I was thirty years old.
Some people have asked if I have a crooked scar on my chin...............
There may be some bone loss...has not been diagnosed however.
These areas did not react to the silicone injections. It's painful if touched too hard.
Number responding = 20 / percent responding = 14% of total respondents (143).

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