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First Meeting In Germany
May 23-24, 2010
Emden, Germany


At Pentecost our member Markus in Germany invited the families of Rebecca from Buxtehude, Ghima from Bremen and Noah from Dortmund to Emden. In view of the fact that all families are dealing with PRS, the meeting was held under the motto:

"We are all in the same boat."

Around noon Rebecca and Ghima with their families arrived in Emden. Regretfully, Noah and his family could not come.

After a Champagne reception and luncheon with pleasant temperatures in the backyard, we took a walk onto the dike. Across the Ems River, seals could be watched in the far distance.

The kids enjoyed to frolic around and after returning they vitalized themselves with barbecue.

At sunset, the guests passed into their hostels. Rebecca and her brother Leon stayed overnight with Svenja and her brother Thorben. Ghima and his brother Khweku preferred to stay with their Mom in the youth hostel.

Second Day

For the next morning Svenja's father had organized a big surprise. After breakfast they all went to the port and boarded a police boat. They were allowed to participate on a marine patrol. Now they were literally "in the same boat". Each of the kids was allowed to take the helm and steer the ship for a while. They were very happy and proud about that. They enjoyed the patrol, as you can see.

After the boat ride, the kids visited the museum of a very popular screen and film comedian while their parents refreshed in a cafe.

After a decent and appetizing lunch in an Italian-Turkish restaurant, we returned to Svenja's home. The kids played outside and there was a lot of time to talk before the friends departed.

Enjoying lunch

This get together is a small step for the kids and their families on their long PRS journey. In Germany there are just a very few children suffering with PRS. They are needing each other very much. They got along swimmingly and they and their parents became friends in these few hours.

We promised to stay in touch and we look forward to the next meeting with big pleasure.

All photos and text are the property of the families represented, and may not be used without their consent.

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