How to get your own e-mail account

There are many FREE e-mail services available on the Internet. You do NOT need to supply any credit cards numbers in order to set one up. Basically all they want to know is who you are, and where you live. Your biggest problem will most likely be finding a "name" for your new email account that isn't already in use. You may have to get a little creative.

Free e-mail services are especially handy for those of you who may not have a computer at home. Or at least not a computer that is ready for the Internet & e-mail. I've listed just a few sites to get you started. All of these free e-mail services are extremely user friendly.

Once you've set up an e-mail account for yourself, there is still the dilemma of where you can go to read (& write) your e-mail. I have found that more & more Public Libraries have Internet Terminals for the public to use.

You might also want to check with College Libraries. Be sure you ask if you need a school ID to gain access to the library. Most college & University Libraries ARE open to the public, but they just don't like to advertise it. If a school ID is needed to gain access, ask about a visitors pass.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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