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The Romberg's Connection is an international support group made up of over 600 individuals and families whose lives are affected by Parry Romberg Syndrome. We have come together to offer our strength, courage, support and friendship to one another.

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The Romberg's Connection

Parry Romberg.Connect Patient Registry

On May 23, 2013 we have launched an important new initiative: a patient registry for Parry Romberg Syndrome.

We have registered our Romberg's Connection with the PatientCrossroads CONNECT Patient Registry. We feel good about endorsing this Registry. We know how badly we need research on Parry Romberg Syndrome. Maybe this is the first step to make that happen.

To learn more click here.

To register please go to our Registry page at: Parry Romberg.Connect Patient Registry

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that everyone's experiences may be different and appropriate treatments may vary. Any medical information that you find on The Romberg's Connection website must NOT serve as a substitute for a consultation with one's personal physician. Our visitors should discuss any specific questions or concerns they may have about Parry Rombergs Syndrome with health care professionals who are familiar with the specifics of their special case.
As a support group, The Romberg's Connection is unable to offer medical advice to anyone, however, we are presently working on a listing of doctors with Parry Rombergs Syndrome experience.